The history of the house began in the distant 1970s at the height of the sexual revolution, at the peak of the hippie movement and constant parties in social circuits. On that particular period of time the future founders of the Francois Fournier perfume house met.
Francois Arnaud and Philip Fournier, two 20-year-old guys, who have already made a fortune at this age, have been living up their life like there's no tomorrow. But the main thing that brought young people together is love to perfume and travel. These hobbies were so serious that Francois and Philip have been looking for the rarest perfume components all around the world, this way creating a unique personal collection of flavors, without having even any idea that in a few years it would turn into a big business.

Nowadays the perfumery house Francois Fournier has produced the first line of ten flavors created exclusively from organic components. According to the founders it has been dedicated to the most beloved and the most beautiful places in the world. While choosing the names it was taken into consideration that most components of the collection were brought specially from these places where every FF perfume owner fetches up virtually.